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eLearning Guild November 8, 2009

Posted by elearninginnovate in Laraine's Thoughts.

The elearningguild.com offers a wealth of information. As an associate member, which is free, I have access to their Learning Solutions eMagazine. I’ve recently read two articles which were very interesting. One article was Revolutionizing eLearning: Innovation through Social Networking Tools. This article gives examples of and links to learner-centric, collaborative design. It also talks about three platforms (tools) of what the next evolution of eLearning may look like. One of the links points to a video by a cultural anthropology professor on The Machine is Us/sing Us. He introduces us to collaborative technology. This video was originally posted in 2007. The platforms or tools mentioned in the article “place collaborators in close contact and provide content based on user’s preferences.” These three tools are Interactyx, Twine, and ELGG. These tools use the “best elements of the LMS (Learning Management System) world and combined them with the latest social networking tools to provide the most collaborative, easy-to-use learning environment possible.”

The other article ARGS Leverage Intelligence: Improving Performance through Collaborative Play. ARGS or Alternate Reality Games can help facilitate learning and maintain the motivation to learn, according to the article. “ARGs enable players to engage both in physical and virtual environments to learn skills, perform tasks, collaborate with peers to earn an achievement,
and share information. ARGs can create experiences that facilitate collaboration and add greater authenticity and interest to training interventions.” In a business setting ARGS can “allow players to assume different roles than the ones inherently dictated by their job titles, and let previously unidentified group dynamics and soft skills emerge.” The article continues to discuss how to create an ARG, what team members are needed, and provides a case study for knowledge strategy. Web 3.0 technology is on the horizon based on tihs model.

A blog I found interested was Instructional Design and Development Blog. One post spoke was called Beyond YouTube: finding videos for your online course. Very informative.

Hope you found this post interesting and educational.



1. andreahildreth - November 13, 2009

Hello Laraine!

I saw your blog entry about the video “The Machine is Us/sing Us” and wanted to share.

I am a HUGE Michael Wesch fan! In fact, it was his work at Kansas State University that led me to this career choice.

Roughly a year ago, when I was deeply distraught with the lack of innovation in higher education, videos of his Intro course in Cultural Anthropology provided me with inspiration and motivation.

Have you seen any recent work by him?

Andrea Hildreth

elearninginnovate - November 15, 2009

No, I haven’t. I keep looking though and hope he will publish more out in the public domain soon.

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